Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chapter One.. with more to come!

Hooray! Day one of blogging! I know, I know, I am way behind the rest of the world (and their dogs, so to speak) but I have never had the time to sit and chat to myself of what I do daily, nor have I ever wanted to, because I was out having fun and living life! Not that I am not capable of doing that now, however, life takes it's toll and being a real life grown up is starting to set in. If they would have told me years ago that growing up included bills, jobs, and relationships...I would have taken Peter Pans offer to discover the valley of Never land! I have not read a lot of blogs in my day so I'm not sure how fancy and entertaining they may be, but I will just stick to the basics and go on and on about what I am up to. To start, I am living currently with my boyfriend (Mark Wesley Hawes) in Sandy Utah, in a really nice little condo with a cute little fireplace. We have an "L" shaped brown couch.. a hand me down table (about the size of a large pizza) and thats about it. Starting out new is oh so annoying to people like me who like to have what they want now! We have already decorated for Christmas (according to one of our friends it is ok to decorate for a season two months in advance.. and we like this rule!) and I will post pictures of the look so far. I say so far because it is expensive to buy enough decorations to fill up a whole condo.. and I have already spent way too much on what we have! Well that is about all that is going on right now. I'm sure this has been enough already and your getting bored so I will carry on next week with life as I know it.

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