Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So, Monday was our two year anniversary (dating not married). Apparently when you tell someone it's your two year anniversary they automatically think your married. We learned that when we went out to dinner at Red Lobster, three different people came up to us and told us congrats on being married.

Anyways, Mark had been so excited to exchange gifts and wanted to do them first thing when we got home from work. I realize now why.... He surprised me with a FiVE DAY CRUiSE TO MEXiCO!!!!!! I am SOOO excited!!! he got me a beach towel and made up a cute little bucket with sand and mexico flags and little drink umbrella's to give me the news (who knew he was so crafty). So October 22-27, Mexico here we come!!! I've never been on a cruise before, or out of the country (if you read my earlier blogs you'll realize i'm pretty new to traveling in general) .

Its been two wonderful years, I am so happily in love!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its a been a while. But I just wanted to get on here and say if you have not read Nie Nie's blog, you probably should. It is so inspiring and I look forward to every time she updates it. So go check it out now. And thanks to Amy who introduced me to her blog as well.

In the life of me ... everything is great! getting ready to go to mesquite this weekend for Shaylee's dance performance. If you don't know who Shaylee is, it's mark's 7 year old daughter. Sorry no pictures but stay posted and I will get some on here. I got a camera for Christmas however, no SD card and I rarely remember that I need one until I go to grab my camera for an event and think "oh crap". Michael Buble is next Wednesday and Me and Tracee are going to try and see if we can get some tickets from some scalpers. I made the mistake of not buying tickets soon enough before they went up to about a bazillion dollars a piece. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me and Mark got the opportunity to take a short vacation and head over to beautiful Maryland, where his dad's side of the family lives. This was a first of all sorts, as it was my first trip to the east coast, first time meeting his dad, our first big trip together and sadly enough, the first time for me on an airplane. I wasnt too nervous though.. more excited then anything and glad to get to some warmer weather (it was in the 70's the whole time). His dad picked us up and we drove over several bridges to get to his house.

I couldn't believe how much water and how many trees there were.. and the fall colors! oh man..we spent the day being tourist's in Annapolis and bought some sweet souvenirs and sun glasses because the sun was so bright hitting off the water. Some guy was offering "free rides to blondes" on his jet ski, and there were some old dudes who gave us an 18 dollar off coupon to one of the pubs there. We didn't use it or get much time to shop because we would be heading to Virginia the next morning to meet the rest of the family and prepare for the big Hawes get together.
They had rented out a community center and bought a huge 200 lb. pig to cook for pulled pork..the boys got to go get their hands dirty the next morning to pull it apart after it had been cooking all night long..yum! His grandparents live right on a lake (not sure which one) and we got to take a trip around on his was so pretty! The night of the party, after it had rained all day getting it put together, was perfect..there was a band.. tons of food (including the pig), dancing, and a heaping table of desserts. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any because before most of us had even sat down to eat, there was a line out the door of people ready to get their hands on the sweets.. it was pretty funny. The night wrapped up, as did the trip back to Maryland, where we relaxed and played some wii. I want one really badly now! I loved the wii sports game and even threw out my shoulder playing tennis, I also really liked the wii fit. Maybe a Christmas present:)? The trip was so much fun, too short, but as always it is nice to be back home. Mark's family is so nice and loving, and I can't wait to go back and visit again soon!

Chapter One.. with more to come!

Hooray! Day one of blogging! I know, I know, I am way behind the rest of the world (and their dogs, so to speak) but I have never had the time to sit and chat to myself of what I do daily, nor have I ever wanted to, because I was out having fun and living life! Not that I am not capable of doing that now, however, life takes it's toll and being a real life grown up is starting to set in. If they would have told me years ago that growing up included bills, jobs, and relationships...I would have taken Peter Pans offer to discover the valley of Never land! I have not read a lot of blogs in my day so I'm not sure how fancy and entertaining they may be, but I will just stick to the basics and go on and on about what I am up to. To start, I am living currently with my boyfriend (Mark Wesley Hawes) in Sandy Utah, in a really nice little condo with a cute little fireplace. We have an "L" shaped brown couch.. a hand me down table (about the size of a large pizza) and thats about it. Starting out new is oh so annoying to people like me who like to have what they want now! We have already decorated for Christmas (according to one of our friends it is ok to decorate for a season two months in advance.. and we like this rule!) and I will post pictures of the look so far. I say so far because it is expensive to buy enough decorations to fill up a whole condo.. and I have already spent way too much on what we have! Well that is about all that is going on right now. I'm sure this has been enough already and your getting bored so I will carry on next week with life as I know it.